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  • Net Weight 20g

  • Authentic German Ingredients and Recipe since 1924

  • Standing pouch with resealable zipper

  • BPOM RI and GMP Certified

  • No MSG

  • No Preservatives

  • Sprinkle as desired to your favourite meal

  • Suitable for rice, noodle, pasta, chicken, beef, seafood, pizza, fries, salad and many more!



For centuries, saffron has been considered a rare delicacy, and its captivating flavor is highly sought-after. From its preciousness as "red gold" to its unique flavor in dishes, saffron has been beloved by many.

Now, Bitte Food's Chili Saffron Gourmet Seasoning has taken this luxurious spice to a whole new level - a harmonious blend of sweet and spicy that will tantalize your taste buds!


Indulge in the enigmatic flavor of saffron with Bitte Food's Chili Saffron Gourmet Seasoning and experience the unique culinary delight.

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